Learning English Online – The Benefits of Technology

Learning English online is rapidly becoming the most popular way of arranging one-to-one private lessons.  Now we can have face-to-face interactions over the internet from the comfort of our homes and even our bedrooms. It can be even easier than meeting in a library or local café.  Now that we generally have such fast internet connections in most places, very often at home, it’s a good idea to connect with our teachers with Skype or Zoom, even if we live in the same town.  Using our computers means we also have the ability to share our screens and make use of other possibilities that the new technology provides.

Learning English online

Studying in a virtual classroom with other students from around the world is an exciting way to learn a language.  The opportunity to connect with other students from around the world means that we hear different accents which helps our English.

Learning English Online - A Screen Shot from the Globalised English Keep-It Course

A Variety of Teachers

Globalised English is also very proud to offer the best of both worlds when it comes to your teacher’s backgrounds and qualifications.  Having both native and non-native teachers to host our classes means that you can now have access to two teachers, one boasting an innate knowledge of your target language as well as another who can proudly share the benefits of having learned English as a second language.  There is nothing like being able to learn from someone who has also had to surmount the same difficulties that you may be encountering.  It can be very reassuring to learn with someone who has passed by the same route and who has accumulated all the tips and tricks that can help to make learning English so much easier.

The online environment means that we have a great many ideas and opportunities to share that students previously couldn’t access… we look forward to meeting you online.


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