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If you are looking for great ways to improve your language skills from the comfort of your own home: join this active international community online.

We produce educational videos you can see on YouTube and host English lessons and regular online social events.  As well as offering other learning support to companies and individuals, we also provide training for those who wish to teach English online.  Our popular teachers also speak French and Spanish.

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“You completely smashed my idea of what an English teacher can be.”
Enes, Turkey.

“Nobody can teach as well as you.”
Lilly, Austria.

“In school or in front of my computer, listening to you and learning with you are not just ways to improve my English, but also to be a more interesting person.”
Lauren, Brazil.

“The best teacher!”
Josefa, Chile.

“The funniest teacher I’ve ever had, we laughed so much.”
Albano, Portugal.

“You impressed me a lot, it was an amazing time in your class.”
Reiko, Japan.

“You are simply the best teacher I’ve ever had.”
Mathilde, France.

“Our child didn’t like to socialise with other students but Ian has brought him out of himself.”
Translated from a Turkish parent.

“You’re the best teacher I’ve ever met.”
Ahmed, Saudi Arabia.

“You are a really, really, really good teacher. We can learn a lot from you about life and about English.”
Maria, Spain.

“You are a legend. I love your teaching.”
Ipek, Turkey.

“I can’t write everything I think about you. I feel very lucky to know you.”
Maxime, France.

“You are a very good teacher.”
Buthainah, Saudi Arabia.

“This is the first time our son has wanted to do any extra study outside class. He has never wanted to join groups before.”
Translated from another Turkish parent.

“This was my best class ever.”
Joey, France.

“Thank you for everything, you’re the best teacher ever.”
Eva, Germany.

“You are a very good teacher! Too bad it’s the last day with you!”
Aude, France.

“The best teacher who has ever taught me.”
Hamud, Saudi Arabia.

We want to say thank you for everything, our time in Brighton was perfect. Thank you for your dedication… Thank you very much!! 
Rosario and Pelayo, Chile.

When I returned to my country, I talked to all my friends about you. You were someone who gave me a lot, I still remember all your motivational words… and remember your wonderful banter. I worked as a teacher for a year so your personality was always present in my mind because you are one of the best teachers that I have met in my life. I still remember a situation when you were asking us questions, and we stayed silent, you got angry, so I asked you “Are you angry because we are bad at English?” You said “No, I am here to fix your mistakes, but you are here to try.” You are really great and you have left a fingerprint on my life. I hope that a day will come when we can meet. I wish you a beautiful and healthy life.
Mohammad Qoqazeh, Jordan.

تعلمت اللغة الانجليزية في أحد الصفوف التي يدرس بها الأستاذ إيان ، لدى هذا الاستاذ القدرة على العطاء والقدرة على التعليم بطريقة تحفيزية وعلمية قوية ؛ حيث أنه يركز على مستوى كل طالب على حدى ويعمل على تطوير كل ما ينقص الطلاب بأسلوب تعليمي متقن، لديه طرق مختلفة في طرح وشرح المعلومات حتى تصل الى كافة الطلاب. الأستاذ إيان من أروع وأفضل الأساتذة لدي ، إنه أفادني في دقة التعلم وساعدني في ان أطوّر من تعليمي كثيراً تبعاً لأسلوبه المتقن في التعليم وحبه لعمله ومهنته .
Mohammad Abu Haidar, Saudi Arabia.