The Writing Review

If you pay for The Writing Review, you can send 5 sentences every day or up to a maximum of 25 sentences each week.  We correct these sentences and return them to you.  We also show alternative ways to say what you want to say with perfect grammar and vocabulary usage.

Each week we send a link to a recording where we look at real sentences that students send us and show how we improve them.

For students who are really serious about improving their English – FAST!

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Writing for Really Good English

Not many people know the best way to improve your English is through writing.

This may seem strange because teachers rarely encourage writing during their lessons.

Write to get it right: English improvement through writing.

The Best Way to Improve your English

So why is writing the best way to improve?

  • Speaking – When you talk with people, it’s impossible to know if they fullyunderstand and they rarely correct your mistakes.
  • Listening – Only in certain inter-active situations can you be sure if you fully understood what someone is saying.
  • Reading – It’s is easy to read a piece of text and make huge mistakes in comprehension.  Again, it is difficult to know if you fully understood.
  • Writing – Putting your thoughts on to paper is completely different.  When you write an idea, it is easy to see if your grammar and vocabulary were used correctly.  It is easy for me, as a teacher, to respond and explain if I understood and to show you how to improve each sentence.

This is why writing is so powerful:

  • It helps you to identify your mistakes.
  • It shows you how to break bad habits.
  • It’s the strongest guide to serious improvement.

People often think that writing is not very important because we can find spellcheckers and grammar correction and translating software.  Those tools are never perfect.

The point of this class is to improve all your language skills through writing.  If you write everyday for just a few weeks, you’ll notice that your speaking also improves.

How does it work?

  1. Write some sentences each week and send them to me.
  2. I check them and return them with corrections.

Once per week I record a writing review lesson where I take real sentences from students and talk about how I correct them.  This lesson is invaluable for people who are serious about mastering their English for their careers: for work and for university.

I return the corrected sentences each week with a link to a writing review class.

Improve your English through Writing

What do you write about?

Students often worry that they don’t have anything to say.  This is NOTtrue!

You can write about anything at all… the important thing is to write about real things.  This will help you to develop useful language that you can use as soon as you’ve written about it.

Try to write about:

  • The room where you are sitting.
  • The home/neighbourhood/city where you live.
  • Your daily routines.
  • Any experiences from that day.
  • Plans that you have.
  • Hopes for the future.
  • Items in the news.
  • The people in your life: family, friends, colleagues.
  • Dreams and nightmares.
  • Issues with your job or your life.
  • Your sexual fantasies – WOMEN ONLY 😉
  • Definitions of new vocabulary.

If it’s impossible to write 2 sentences per day after reading that list – you don’t have a brain!

The idea is to write a perfect sentence.

Top Tips

  • Don’t get too complicated!
  • Don’t use a dictionary, translator or spellchecker.
  • Try to use new vocabulary and grammar points to see if you understand.
  • Write short sentences until you feel confident with how to join clauses.

When you can confidently write simple sentences, your confidence will really improve.  Then you can gradually write more and more complicated sentences until suddenly, you’re writing naturally and easily.

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