Emotionally Intelligent English

Translation is an art in which we specialise.  Our knowledge base and personal experience in business and the arts means that we are particularly well suited for translating works of creative, poetic and empowering commercial content.  Globalised English excel in providing emotionally intelligent English.  We love to support businesses and individuals whose motivation is to provide goods and services that lead towards a more sustainable vision of the future.

Our team seeks to empower people through our love for languages.

We have a high level of understanding and specific of knowledge of vocabulary in the following subjects:

Personal Discipline – Emotional Intelligence – Innovation – Critical Thinking – Positive Habits
Education – Negotiation – Time Management – Effective Communication – Relationship Skills

Current Projects

We translated the incredible book El Libro Rojo de las Niñas by Cristina Romero and Francis Marín into French and English.  This book is a prime example of the kind of work that requires emotionally intelligent English to translate.  This outstanding work is an incredible introduction to menstruation and an absolutely beautiful journey which never fails to touch people deeply, especially women but of any age. Find out more here.

Slowly, we are also working on French and Spanish versions of Oh Yeah. A Guide to the Good Life: An Initiation into Adulthood: A Tool for Discussion by Mr Ian M Power.  This book was written to accompany families and teenagers through their adolescence.  As young people move towards the rites of passage of adulthood, it is invaluable to discuss the many and varied parts of life without exclusion or censorship.  Again, this is another book where extreme accuracy and sensitivity is required and emotionally intelligent English is irreplaceable.

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