Cover/Title of El Libro Rojo de las Niñas

El Libro Rojo de las Niñas

Globalised English are keen to help with translation and support projects where we help to communicate important messages. We’re best suited to working with content which is very sensitive to the way it’s expressed. One perfect example of this is El Libro Rojo de las Niñas.

The Red Book for Girls or Livre Rouge des Filles is a magical book that we have translated into English and French. Taking the precise language from the original Spanish version, El Libro Rojo de las Niñas and converting into English and French was not easy. 

The Red Book for Girls conveys an important message to women everywhere. It’s a message of global significance which we hope will be shared far and wide so that millions of women can benefit from it.

After being immediately charmed by this small but priceless creation, we were struck by the need to help disseminate its message as much as possible. Helping women to feel more comfortable with their physical bodies and their connection to nature is something we felt deeply motivated to do.

Finding the right words

Upon encountering this unique piece of literature, we were struck by the vital importance of the message it carries. We felt sad that our French and English speaking daughters would struggle to grasp its beauty without proper translation. It seemed urgent that they should be initiated in the ways of the world, as illustrated so charmingly by The Red Book for Girls. We hoped that by creating the translations, it could eventually result in further versions being published in the future.

Translating a book is not to be undertaken lightly, especially when the message should be delivered with the same exquisite and poetic precision for which the original is well-known. It took more than four years until we could finally settle on versions we have used in the video. These translations convey the original meaning as closely as possible without being too literal. It’s quite remarkable how difficult that can be considering the languages and the cultures they are associated with have so much in common. It was really challenging to find equivalent modes of expression for certain passages and the whole project became a rich, educational lesson in itself.

We contacted the author Cristina Romero, who welcomed our efforts with great enthusiasm. However, it became clear that the road to publishing translated versions of the book might not be as easy as we hoped. Not to be dissuaded, it seemed like making an animation of the book could help to demonstrate its value to publishers, especially with regards its appeal to foreign audiences. We’re hoping that if the animation goes viral, the development of translated books will become more viable.

A tool for EFL/ESL

Apart from the importance of the message communicated by El Libro Rojo de las Niñas, we’re really hoping that EFL teachers will consider using this as a great piece of authentic material because the tri-lingual format English/French/Spanish content is quite rare and is a treasure trove for communication exercises.

Captions on the video have been provided in all three languages. We’re hoping to add more in the course of time, do let us know if you have a translation we can add. (Google translate is not up to the job on sensitive material like this!).

We’re really delighted with how it turned out, please enjoy…

El Libro Rojo de las Niñas

El Libro Rojo de las Niñas…
The Red Book for Girls or Le Livre Rouge des Filles:

At a time when women are increasingly coming together and connecting with what it is to be a full-blooded female… this book delivers a crucial message to be shared with as many women as possible.

It is vital that women connect with the hearts, their physical bodies and with nature so that together, women can help create the force necessary to drive this planet to a much more sane and positive future. 

Much of the wisdom contained in El Libro Rojo de las Niñas has been ignored or suppressed for far too long and now is the time to make that change.

Here’s to a strong but sensitive sisterhood!

The next chapter…

When the movement towards equality of the sexes has never been more visible, it must be admitted that this has, at times, resulted in creating more masculine women, trying to compete on the same terms as their male counterparts. Perhaps the next wave of feminism will underline the importance of embracing our differences. Equality does not mean being the same and this book can help us to recognise our differences, to embrace the innate quality of femininity with which no trans woman will ever be able to identify. Given that we sometimes hear women referred to as “people who menstruate”, as if there were women who didn’t, this book can help to undo the denial of femininity that has seeped into certain quarters.

Sharing is caring

Please think to distribute this amongst every women’s circle, support group, and sympathetic organisation you can think of. Overcoming the taboo that still hangs ominously of over the subject of female menstruation (is there any other kind?!) is truly an evolutionary act.

Cover/Title of The Red Book for Girls - El Libro Rojo de las Niñas

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