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Online Conversation Classes

For the last few years, Globalised English have been perfecting the delivery of highly engaging online events, proven to increase sales and customer satisfaction.  We have a growing international community of language learners and you could have the same.  If you want to develop your online reputation, let us show you how to grow your business. 


Since the arrival of the internet, the role of English schools has really changed.  No longer can we wait for customers to arrive at our physical location, schools have to reach out to students via the internet.  The World Wide Web obviously helps us to bring new customers in a very powerful way. Maintaining an online presence takes some effort but undoubtedly brings business.  In the beginning, it was enough to have a website, then it was a social media profile.  The next requirement is to extend our teaching practice beyond the physical location of our school and out into the world via online sessions.  Some schools are already doing this in a powerful way.

Most schools haven’t begun to think about providing online sessions but now is the time to adopt this practice if you want to maintain a competitive advantage.  Some schools are reluctant to make this next move because it’s unclear how to do this but Globalised English can help you whilst also increasing customer satisfaction and boosting the profile of your school.  By hosting unique online events for your students where they can all meet up and practice with a large number of other learners, our research shows 40% of those students using the service will lead to further sign-ups for your school.  


By developing a truly interactive online community, your school is able to capitalise on your students’ natural desire to interact with each other.  A weekly gathering allows them to keep in touch and meet new faces, as well as providing them the means to work on their newly improved language skills.  Not only is this popular with students but their sponsors also love it including parents, schools, employers and universities.  When a school provides the platform where students interact, the school’s reputation ripples out across the internet through all of those who continue to use the service.


After working for language schools based in the UK where we provided online social events for students after they returned home, a huge increase in extra business was observed. A large proportion of the income for English language schools derives from highly engaged students who tend to book directly and advocate the brand by word-of-mouth to all their friends and colleagues.  This degree of brand loyalty is only achievable thanks to their direct participation in a really exciting online service.  A huge increase in referrals has been recorded and in one case, an incredible 30% of students actually returned to the same school for their next visit to the UK.


Schools can sometimes feel reluctant to offer online events because it would undoubtedly increase their workload.  Some fear it could affect British Council accreditation if they were to be seen offering online lessons.  Overloaded staff members can also feel reluctant to take on yet another aspect of the school’s activities, especially when they lack the skills and experience to make a good job of it.  By hosting weekly social events where students around the world connect online to keep practising their English, there’s no formal British Council requirements to be observed.  However, creating a successful online event does require the following and this is where Globalised English can help:

·         HIGHLY ENGAGING DYNAMIC PRESENTATIONS: The online format requires a really exciting presentation.  When competing with the incredibly dynamic forms of entertainment to which people are habituated when looking at their screens, a moment’s hesitation leads to disconnection and boredom.  The majority of online lessons and webinars are unbelievably tedious.  

·         TECHNOLOGICAL PROFIENCY: The host needs to be tech savvy, experienced with the platform and familiar with the use of green screen technology as well as lighting, cameras and linking.  

·         SENSE OF HUMOUR: Another key skill that plays a huge role is having a keen sense of humour, one that is easily conveyed through the online medium i.e. facial gestures, physical humour and an awareness of the kind of humour that foreign speakers respond to, as well as timing when using slides and video content.

Many industries have been disrupted by new technologies which continue to change the way people do business.  Language tuition is also undergoing significant disruption as online teaching becomes the most cost effective means for many students to learn.

Still, it’s difficult to replace the authentic experience of visiting the target country and practising with native speakers.  Nonetheless, the global economic situation is likely to intensify the competition between schools for students.

It’s common knowledge in marketing that it’s much easier to get further business from previous customers than to find new ones.  By strengthening the connection with all the students who have already enjoyed your service, you can extend the reach of your school far beyond its physical boundaries.


Many schools are waking up to the value of connecting with students online.  Your English school is likely to get left behind if you don’t build a thriving online community.  Unless you fully embrace new technologies and capitalise on the advantages they bring, your school will be at severe disadvantage.


Globalised English can host an excellent online social events for your students where they can practise their speaking and listening skills.  The events can carry all your own logos and branding, creating a seamless continuity between your school and the online events. The events can work with up to 1000 students joining at once.  Even with just 10 students, the classes can provide a sense of connection not achievable by other mediums.  These online social events are a really exciting and interactive way for students to connect.  Sessions always feature multiple, short, one-to-one conversations with a variety of partners as well as other periods in small groups.

For an incredibly reasonable fee, we can offer the most competitive advertising your school could wish for, without any of the headaches.  By marketing using this approach, you can literally see the feedback and the growth of your school’s community.  Some schools have even been able to introduce an international aspect to their school by presenting our contribution as a fundamental part of their school’s service.

All you have to do is to publicise the service to your students and send out the weekly invitations to join the events via your mailing list and your social media platforms.  In a very short amount of time you’ll observe an increase in referrals and even requests from prospective students to join the sessions.

Globalised English are currently looking to develop this service with forward thinking schools who realise that an online presence is going to be crucial to the future of their business.  We are strategising our work commitments carefully because we have found a huge demand for our services.  We are willing to negotiate deals if we find the right partners with which to work.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries or would like to see demonstrations.

We look forward to working with you in due course.

Ian & Fátima