Online Teacher Training

Globalised English have been hosting online classes over the last few years and we’ve learned a lot of things along the way. We’ve started to work with secondary schools around the world and our business is growing rapidly.

We need great teachers

Next year, the number of contracts we’re going to have with schools and businesses from from around the world is increasing and so far, we do not have enough teachers to fulfil the demand. We need at least 40 more teachers ready to go for the school year starting in 2020.

The tricky thing is that the skills required to host online classes differ widely from that of standard classroom teaching. Animating a rectangular screen doesn’t afford the staging that a traditional setting provides.

New Training Course

In order to expand the number of teachers we can rely upon to deliver fun, exciting, engaging online lessons with large groups, we’ve decided to implement a training course during this school year 2019/20.

Not only will trainees be able to participate in training seminars with the founder of Globalised English, trainees will be able to participate in the actual lessons we are providing to mainstream schools abroad.

For those teachers who show real promise, there will be additional opportunities to host lessons, providing a golden opportunity to hone their style and master the necessary techniques.

Eager for excellence

Globalised English was initiated by New Paradigm Education, we pride ourselves on creating alternative educational environments and really bringing out the genius in every student. Our work is never focused on the language skills alone and seeks to promote a much wider appreciation of learning as a whole.

Book your place now!

With more than 40 positions predicted to be required for next year, there’s never been a better moment to train with an organisation able to offer realistic job prospects at the end of the course.